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Meeting of HEPF held to deliberate on the special measures to protect and conserve environment

Meeting of HEPF held to deliberate on the special measures to protect and conserve environment

The meeting of Haryana Environment Protection Foundation (HEPF) was organized at the Manav Rachna campus to deliberate upon various aspects of environment and steps to be taken discussed in the first meeting wherein the Faridabad Environment Protection Chapter under the Foundation was constituted. Dr. Prashant Bhalla put forward the aspect of formation of groups under the Chapter to actively work towards the protection of environment. He also shared the purpose and thought of each group. The groups with the detail of their respective plan and strategy are mentioned as below:

Group for Environment Building: This group will be an educational group which will be led by Dr. NC Wadhwa, DG-MREI.

  • Faridabad will be divided into four zones comprising schools and colleges of Faridabad. Action Plan will be devised by the schools and colleges wherein seminars and awareness programmes will be organized. Concept of recycling and reuse will be discussed.
  • A ‘Student Ambassador’ will be selected from a specified street or area, who will be responsible for taking care of the adopted place.
  • Social Innovation and Research: Colleges will be asked to work on the social innovations to come up with local solutions for the local problems.
  • Schools and colleges will be asked to make a event calendar of environment related events and celebrate them to spread awareness by involving communities, students and organizations.
  • ‘Few minutes of morning assembly’ should be dedicated to environment in each school.
  • Open defecation needs to be eliminated for which student volunteers will visit villages to sensitize them about the situation.
  • Making of a model of ‘Environment Protection Assembly’ which will be a parallel structure to MUN.
  • ‘Run for Environment’- Open to everyone
  • A monthly monitoring system should be there to keep a review of the contributions.
  • Encouraging the good deed by awards and certificates

Religious and Social Group: Chaired by Mr. Ramesh Kumar

Points put forward by Mr. Gopal Dutt Sharma

  • For Dussehra, connect with organizations and spread message to ban single use plastic.
  • Ban plastic at religious places as well.
  • Region wise sessions will be conducted to sensitize people for which a Zone Incharge will be appointed.

Group for Industry Connect: Chaired by Mr. Raj Kumar Agarwal

Points put forward by Mr. Narender Agarwal

  • Industries should be motivated to be self-sustainable in terms of solid waste, water management and waste management
  • Domestic waste needs to be reduced and should be reused in ways
  • Technology intervention is necessary here to treat used water
  • Sector specific actions will be taken for waste minimization.

Group of Women Empowerment: Chaired by Dr. Chavvi Bhargava

There will be a trained circle of women who will work in the following areas, some of which will aid in employment generation: Waste Management, composting, reducing use of plastic, saving electricity, Cleanliness drives, Bio Cleaners, Kitchen Garden and Medicinal Garden, Nutrition and food utensils.

Group of RWAs and NGOs: Chaired by Sh. Manmohan Gupta

Group for Scientific Intervention: Chaired by Mr. Amitabh Vashishtha, GM- Deen Dayal Research Institute

Group to conduct Awareness Programmes and Workshops: Chaired by Dr. Amit Bhalla, VP-MREI

Several other points discussed included:

  1. Best Model for Water Harvesting needs to be prepared
  2. Waste Management needs to be taken to next level
  3. Burning of huss needs to be eliminated by spreading awareness about the harms. Booklets will be prepared and will be distributed in Haryana and Punjab
  4. Collection Mechanism of Biomass needs to be strengthened
  5. Community radio can be used to spread awareness
  6. A Volunteer Programme should be started joining lakhs of people to generate a sense of responsibility.

The meeting was held in the presence of thought leaders including Dr. Krishan Kumar, District Convener, RSS; Dr. Prashant Bhalla, President, MREI; Dr. Amit Bhalla, VP, MREI; Dr. N.C. Wadhwa, DG-MREI; Shri Devi Prasad Bhardwaj; Sh. Niranjan Kulkarni; Sh. Gopal Dutt Sharma; Sh. Ganga Shankar Mishra; Sh. Jagdish Chaudhary; Sh. Prathmesh; Sh. SS Gussain; Sh. Narender Agarwal; Sh. Nirmal Mehendale; Dr. R.K. Malhotra; Sh. Manmohan Gupta; Dr. N.K. Chadha, Chair Professor & Chairman, Centre for Advanced Water Technology and Management (CAWTM); Dr. Sarita Sachdeva; Mr. Atul Kalra, Director- Administration, MREI.

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