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Eco Bricks Movement launched today in Faridabad by IAS Shri Yashpal Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad

Eco Bricks Movement launched today in Faridabad by IAS Shri Yashpal Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad

Haryana Environment Protection Foundation in association with ParyavaranSanrakshanGatividhi and Manav Rachna Educational Institutions presented panel discussion ‘Virtual ParyavaranManch’ with esteemed panelists on sustainable environment solutions, ‘Eco-Bricks’ and played a pivotal role in the launch of Eco Bricks Movement by IAS Shri Yashpal Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad.

The panel discussion witnessed eminent personalities from Government, Administration, Educational Institutions, Environment Activists, Resident Welfare Associations, Local NGO’s, Media and other important walks of community to discuss Eco bricks that will serve to sequester plastic and will put the plastic to use locally as a building block, and as a low-cost alternative medium making the community, society, and world a cleaner and better place to live.

Shri B. R. Bhatia, President, Faridabad Industries Association; Smt. Sushma Gupta, President, Red Cross Society, Haryana; Shri Suresh Chandra, President, Association of Private Schools, Haryana and Shri N K Garg, President, Federation of RWAs, Faridabad were the elite panel who came together to discuss about sustainable development. Dr. N C Wadhwa, DG, MREI moderated the entire panel discussion.

The Eco brick movement has gathered momentum over the last few years as plastic pollution has made phenomenal global headlines. It has become an increasingly popular material to build with, especially in developing countries, as plastic is exceptionally easy to come across at home or littered in the streets.

Highlighting the same issue, Shri Yashpal Yadav shared that, “Our environment needs all of us to come together and work for a clean and sustainable ecosystem. Eco Bricks is a movement where we can see ample opportunities to restructure our environment in a way that may eradicate plastic usage. Almost 40 percent of garbage can be reused and that’s where the focus should be now. The students in the school must be taught how plastic can be recycled and reused as they are the building blocks of a generation that is going to bring a change along with us.”

In accord with the Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad Dr. Prashant Bhalla, President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions said that “From the largest plantation drive to plant donation camps to feeding birds through Project Panchhi, Manav Rachna has always ensured that the environment comes first and the youth be aware of the impact they can have on the ecosystem. Now our goal is to remove plastic from our system and the larger purpose should be to eradicate plastic usage even if there are some strict rules for compliance.”

Eco bricks are part of a solution that enables people to not only clean up their rivers and coastlines, but these once-wasted materials can be used to build things of direct benefit to local communities.

Typically mixed with natural building methods such as cob, adobe, or wattle and daub, the Eco bricks provide an excellent structure to build with. They also act as a natural insulator due to the tightly-packed insulating plastics.  From homes to chairs to sculpted works of art, the whole premise of up-cycling plastic to form useful products is inherently sustainable.

Shri Gopal Arya, National Coordinator, ParyavaranSanrakshanGatividhi enlightened many by his wise words and said, “We all wish good things for the environment, but only us human beings are responsible for the polluted environment we are living in. However, the eco-bricks and the sustainable goals are a step to ensure that we all become aware that garbage and pollution can be reduced and reused only by our efforts and convictions to make our city and home clean. It starts with us, our home, and our own mental growth.”

The panel discussion provided the sustainable environmental solutions that Ecobricks certainly form a potent reminder of humankind’s poor management of waste and reinforce the need for radical change across the plastic industry.

Deliberations brought out that Ecobricks is a hugely powerful tool for cleaning up local areas, educating schools and communities, and creating structures that will stand the test of time.

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