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Faridabad Environment Protection Chapter (FEPC)

Faridabad is located in north of India within the State of Haryana. It is about 284 km to the south of the state capital – Chandigarh, and is also a part of the National Capital Region, being about 32 km to the south of Delhi. It is the largest and most populous city in Haryana with a total population of 1,404,653. The town is bound on the north by the State of Delhi, on the east by Agra and the Gurgaon canals and on the west by the Aravalli Hills. The River Yamuna flows through the northern part of the city. Faridabad is the most industrialized city in the State of Haryana. It alone generates about 60 percent of the state’s total revenues. There are about 15,000 small, medium and large industries in this area providing direct and indirect employment to nearly half a million people. It has been ranked ninth amongst the largest industrial estates in Asia.

The National Capital Region (NCR) cities of Gurgaon and Faridabad were among the most polluted cities in the country, shows a report on air pollution data compiled by Greenpeace India. The report vindicates what the city residents have been crying about for years—that pollution level has reached dangerous levels and serious measures will have to be taken by the government to bring the situation under control. The report revealed that the average level of PM10 in Faridabad was 272 making it the second most-polluted city in the country.

Keeping this in focus and because Faridabad has all the elements as Urban, Peri-Urban, Rural, Industrial Legacy, adjacent to Yamuna Flood Plain and close to Aravali with dried up Badkhal, it has been selected as Model District for Launch of HEPF Programme. This District is also having a Population of 17 lakhs and services to this huge community is itself a challenge.

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